Genderism: a Video Primer

"Gender Studies" are a branch of neo-Marxism that spreads vicious lies about men as part of a sophisticated political technique of subversion. By pitting women against men and placing themselves at the head of a never-ending rebellion, the genderists gain political power and access to funding, and are able to wreak havoc on the very same society that pays their salaries.

This is not an easy concept to grasp, when one is surrounded by genderist propaganda since an early age, as most of us are.

Here are some videos that can help you piece together the puzzle, bit by bit.

The concept underlying neo-Marxism, or "political correctness," is summed up very well by Bill Whittle in this segment on Pajamas Media:

These two short videos are of Erin Pizzey, the founder of the first shelters for victims of domestic violence in Britain. At a conference of dissident sociologists and criminologists in 2008, she described the process by which the neo-Marxist genderists took over the shelter movement, began churning out false statistics and eventually shattered society. These are two segments from that talk.

Prof. Janice Fiamengo of the University of Ottawa summed the essence of Gender Studies programs succinctly in this interview, from March 14, 2013:

Prof. Fiamengo was being interviewed after this rioting at the University of Toronto, which was intended to prevent Dr. Warren Farrell from speaking there. The excellent footage makes clear just how radical and political the genderist movement is:

Erin Pizzey, Prof. Janice Fiamengo and Dr. Warren Farrell were all mentioned in this lecture by Familists Chairman Gil Ronen at Ariel University on April 29, 2013. The lecture was a dramatic moment because Prof. Murray Straus, who is considered to be the world's top authority on domestic violence, was in the audience, after having delivered a lecture in which he explained just how genderist forces are deliberately distorting and skewing the research in domestic violence to suit their agenda.

Prof. Straus was also one of the main speakers at the 2008 From Ideology to Inclusion conference in Sacramento, convened by dissident researchers in the field of domestic violence. The keynote speaker there was Erin Pizzey. So it all connects.

The Familists believe that the damage done by genderists can be undone with the establishment of Family Science departments in the universities, to supplant the Gender Studies departments.